Local Search at LeadsCon

Last week, we attended LeadsCon in Las Vegas. It was a new show for us so we really didn’t know what to expect. There was a large exhibit, and we had the opportunity to present at one of the breakout sessions. The turnout was impressive: many thousands of folks in the industry who are driving leads to folks who want them.

Out of several hundreds of exhibitors there was exactly one booth focused on local…and it was us. That struck me as odd as so many of the folks looking to drive leads were looking to drive leads to local service areas. Unless you are truly a national brand that mails it’s product or service, your point of delivery is going to be local.

Our booth was a mob scene. We could have easily had twice the number of presentation areas and kept them all busy. The message was consistent: people want high quality leads for folks looking for locally delivered products or services, and they are happy to buy them on the pay-per-call basis we are offering. 

On the last day, I gave my presentation, “Local Leads From Local Search.” We had been promoting the session quite heavily and mustered just about 150 attendees.  It was in a room the size of an aircraft carrier, and I had no idea at which level to pitch the audience. Would they be geek heavy or SEO novices?

In the end, I pitched the session as the ten things everyone can do that cost nothing and dramatically improve your (or your clients) visibility in local search results. I was actually shocked at how well the session was received.

I didn’t exactly receive a “standing O” as my show wasn’t staged by Cirque De Soleil, but I had a terrific response with lots of great questions and solid feedback.  It turns out that the audience was very new to local search visibility, but realized they had to get with the program.

We do this day in and day out, so I guess we forget how opaque our specialty can appear to those outside the warm glow of the local search camp fire.

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