The Other Kind of Social Marketing

I have an absurd marketing encounter that I’d like to share. I was at lunch the other day with one of my sales guys and my lovely wife, and just as we finished the meal a gentlemen from a nearby table came over and introduced himself.

He operates a light aircraft taxi service and I guess he had heard us talking about our recent trip to Vegas and figured we might be good candidates for future business. His approach was marvelous.  He had an accent somewhere between Borat and The God Father.  He gestured to my substantial waistline and said words to the effect that when we fly, we can even fit fat guys like you.  In fact, he said he could fit four guys my size and fly to Vegas in an hour and a half for just $800.

His selling point wasn’t quality of ride or convenience or even price point … all of which might have been good.  No, his angle of attack was similar to that of one of my team members who famously remarked that “I dress well for a fat guy.”

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