Pay Per Call Going Through the Roof

A survey just released by Telemetrics confirms with very clear data something we have been experiencing over the past year or so: local Pay Per Call is on fire. When Pay Per Call first hit a few years back it was primarily national advertisers doing national lead generation campaigns, essentially they used PPCall as an effective way to manage ROI. More recently local Small to Medium sized Business (SMBs) advertisers have recognized the simplicity and value of a PPCall approach and have been jumping on the band wagon in increasingly large numbers. Telemetrics tracked 348% more paid calls this year than in the equivalent period last year. The bulk of that growth they attribute to local businesses getting in on the act. Add to that the rapid growth in target-able local inventory driven by the continued growth of smart phones and you have an explosive combination.

Another factor tracked in the survey was talk time – the time spent on the call. Interestingly, mobile devices scored best with 3.5 minutes a call, yellow pages came in second with 2.7 minutes a call, and traditional online search driven calls were slightly behind at 2.2 minutes a call. I don’t have an intuitive answer as for why mobile search scores longer than regular search, but even at 2.2 minutes that’s plenty of time to set up an appointment or book a quote.

The good news for what we do is that this wave shows no signs of slowing down. In theory, there are something over 20 million SMBs in the United States. PPCall is a model that makes sense across the board, with industry watchers expecting 50 percent growth in the next year. Indeed, it is going to be an interesting year.

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