Say it Ain’t So!

If it ain’t broke then why is Google fixing to fix it? What I’m referring to is the recent announcement by Google that they are fundamentally changing one of the most basic Pay Per Click tools: the ad rotation tool.  This is horribly ‘inside baseball,’ but it’s important, so if you are interested stick with me.

Since the time that Cain slew Abel there has been an option in the Google AdWords Keyword Tool that allows advertisers to rotate ads on a continual basis. It allows advertisers to collect information over a long period of time to determine which ads work best. That’s especially important if you are working in local markets and niche industries where the query volume can be low and it can take weeks or months to gather enough data to figure out what works best. That’s what is being changed, and as far as I can see, for no good reason.

In the new world, ads will rotate for 30 days only. To continue rotating, you will have to re-serve the campaign. This is potentially a huge and unnecessary headache that will affect thousands of advertisers, especially those with the smallest budgets. In our case, we can handle this as we have the technology to redo campaigns, but most folks don’t have the same capabilities.

It does feel (a little) like Google is trying to take some of the tools away from people who know how to optimize ad spend, but maybe I’m being paranoid.

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