iPhone 5……..Searching Better by Degree?

Having just followed the blog feature by feature iPhone announcement I’m struck by the incremental impact this may have on search. Some will doubtless criticize Apple for a product which is only better by degree…a bit thinner, a bit longer, a bit faster (maybe a lot faster), a better camera, better sound, better microphone the list goes on. What I’m more intrigued by are the incremental incursions into search iPhone 5 points to. Apple has added Siri to the iPod Touch, its added Siri coverage to many of the kind of queries that are central to search such as sports, movies and restaurants. None of these incremental additions are complete game changers on their own, just as arguably none of the individual features make the iPhone5 a game changer but they point to a growth in App based engagement which means we are searching in many more places than we ever have and on many more devices. The Kelsey projections have desktop search surpassing desktop inside of two years. Apple was focused today on what they rather neatly call a “post PC” world. The tablet part of that world is already heavily Apple centric with a 68% market share but interestingly they also claimed that the  “Our notebooks rank #1 in the US in market share for the past three months.” These trends point to the continuing struggle for dominance between Microsoft, Google, Apple and increasingly Amazon. Search is one of those key battle grounds. Apple has historically never been a search leader yet in a Post PC world there may be very little stopping Apple becoming an inadvertent search leader….one incremental feature at a time.

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