A Mixed Bag of Goodies


It’s been a weird week in search with many things happening or showing signs of happening which could have significant long term impact. Let’s get the most important one out the way first. A while ago iCANN released the .XXX TLD for adult content. We now have www.search.XXX as a search engine completely devoted to porn. Yes folks we have achieved porn Nirvana. The more cynical might claim that nothing has really changed because search has always been devoted to porn. Not so though. Over recent years the search guys have be pushing adult content down or off the results page entirely. That’s perfectly reasonable for folks not looking for that kind of content…but has made life a little more difficult for those in search of nooky….happy porn surfers you now have your very own nude beach….enjoy!

A View of the Ocean

Going from the ridiculous to the sublime Google turned 14 released Ocean View for Google Maps which ads some nice under water panoramas of places you probably will never visit. It feels a bit like the actions of someone who (as my mother would put it) has more money than sense.

Fine For Microsoft?

On the hard news side it looks like the EU is gearing up to actually fine Microsoft for forgetting to include the browser choices they were required to deliver in Windows 7 (…Ooops..) and that fine could be 10% of their revenue. The EU is still apparently in deep talks with Google about their monopoly in search in Europe…which also has plenty of room to turn nasty…the EU hates monopoly..especially evil monopolies which emanate from the US.

“Klout” A Deal

In Yahoo/Bing land they have just cut a deal with Klout to include Klout scores in Bing results sets (Not sure I really care) but it will be interesting to see what difference it makes. Unbelievably there are rumors surrounding Yahoo that they might take Google back to power their search. Yahoo dumped Google back in 2004..it was ugly…Yahoo kept the kids. If they take them back Google will own roughly 80% of US search and closer to 90% globally….pick the monopoly bones out of that EU!

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