Proximity Creeping Up On Us

The good people at Google have just released an interesting App for Android which turns the heat up even further on the whole proximity thing. The App (called Field Trip) offers you interesting data, trivia, reviews etc of places near where you are standing to your phone without you asking for it. They are fronting it with historic data, reviews from Zagat etc. I’m sure initially it will have just that…probably not a huge amount of coverage but it’s a start. Whilst they may not have a vast amount of local trivia right out the box what they do have is hundreds of thousands of local advertisers who would arguably be relevant to you as you pass by with your android phone running this App. As an iPhone user I don’t have the opportunity to try it out yet so I can’t give you a firsthand review, but it meshes nicely with the Passbook feature of iOS6 from Apple. In both cases it allows content to be delivered to you based on where you and your phone are standing, sitting or driving. The Apple application is focused initially on airline tickets, loyalty cards and the like but in both cases I’m predicting within six months you will be getting polite alerts on both operating systems from companies you know and like or perhaps even ones you don’t have a relationship with to stop by and take advantage of this or that offer since you are in the neighborhood.

On a side note we have to hope that before Apple turns this on full bore they fix up their new map App. It’s a pretty impressive tool and the turn by turn GPS navigator voiced by your friend Siri is very impressive (if I were Garmin or TomTom I’d be reaching for the scotch by now). However, it’s so buggy that Tim Cook the Apple CEO actually apologized to users for making such a pig’s ear of the release. I imaging Jobs would have had firing parties at dawn. I was in DC the other day headed to the airport when I checked how long it would take to get there. My iPad running Google Maps thought Dulles was 35 minutes away iPhone thought over 90 minutes. Ahem Sir you could walk there in that much time….close but no cigar.

Have a great weekend!!

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