Street Fight …Not and Windows 8 Search

I was excited to attend the Street Fight conference in New York this week. I even moved flights to get to NYC ahead of the Hurricane Sandy. Street Fight pulled the plug on the entire event Sunday morning and looking at the forecasts and the impact so far it’s entirely understandable. Just in case you haven’t come across it Street Fight is all about “Hyperlocal.” Hyperlocal is the catch phrase Du Jour for all things local. It looks at content, commerce and strategy for all things local and has a nice edge about the industry….which can be a bit dry and dull. They have an excellent daily roundup of all things local and if you don’t already subscribe you probably should. They have rescheduled to mid January and I’ll be there then. Good luck to all those in the path of the storm…stay safe we on the West coast we’ll be thinking of you.

Meantime Windows 8 was announced and although I haven’t managed to lay my hot little hands on it yet they do look to have done some very interesting stuff around the new search. The whole Window 8 paradigm offers a range or key tasks as objects on the desktop rather than a list of items or programs. The new search follows a similar theme. The traditional Bing is still available but the new Bing is optimized to work with new Microsoft Surface OS devices and I do like the way they present results as a matrix of easily clickable cells rather than the traditional list of blue links. The way the results work is interesting also. It lets the user push the results bar to the side and navigate within search without the constant back and forth of traditional search. Bing also has a range of search Apps which let you focus on a topic like travel or images. I think it’s an interesting paradigm and I look forwards to working with it.

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