It’s Google’s World…We Just Live in It

If you were expecting a splashy launch of a Google Flying car or Google Tats (a transparent ink which allows users to program their tattoos to be anything they want to be as often as they like) at the recent Google I/O developers conference you would have been disappointed. At last years show Google announced Glass, the creepy wearable spyglasses that is currently getting them into a world of pain as the real world looks at their wearers as potential serial killers, but this year it was a major launch free occasion. That’s not to say there wasn’t a lot to talk about. If there is one word which comes to mind looking at the very wide range of stuff our friends at Google would like to offer us, that word is “Pervasive”.

It used to be that Apple was the one word answer to all of our technology needs. Yes you had to give up a little bit of freedom and a pretty hefty chunk of change, but Apple would wrap you up in love and join all your tech ends together for you. Now you have a choice… you can be apple flavored or Google flavored, or be like me Google flavored but mostly on Apple devices… oh and one Windows thingy still.

As always… outside of search, where they continue to be pack leaders; Google is following its spot-a-trend-and-copy-it solution. Some of the latest innovations include:

  1. Google TV – which is Apple TV or Ruku.
  2. Google Hang Outs – which is Skype plus GotoMeeting and YouTube.
  3. Conversational Search – which is a Smarter Siri.
  4. Google Play – which is Spotify meets YouTube (ad free).
  5. And lets not forget (though, many wish they could) the horrible Google+ – which wants to be Facebook when it grows up.

The list goes on. Some of these will be great, some will fail horribly; but Google has the brains and the bucks to pursue these avenues. Clearly their bottom line is to offer an attractive and typically free solution for every possible online/new media point of exposure. For the likes of Apple or Samsung, it must be like trying to fight the Hydra. They don’t mind who they copy (go ahead and sue them it will take four years, and four years is an awfully long time in tech) and eventually when the dust settles they will be everywhere. Now, where is Steve Jobs when we really need him?

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