Situation Normal… Google Hegemony Continues

The revelation that Google continues to be the top search engine is up there with the Pope being catholic or the toiletry habits of bears. Yes of course, Google is king with a little over two thirds of explicit search going to Google sites… mostly What’s more interesting, perhaps, is that the race for second is getting less frantic. There was a time when Yahoo really seemed to care about search… sadly those days seem to be behind us. In a weird statistical fluke Yahoo passed Google in sheer page views last month, but before anyone pops too many corks over at Yahoo bear in mind that news or email page views are worth a tiny fraction compared to search page views… so, simply having more of them really doesn’t get you that much… Google’s revenue outstrip Yahoo’s by a factor of ten.

According to the latest Comscore data, Yahoo maintained its modest 11% market share as Microsoft (Bing) picked up a point. It is a little sad that Yahoo no longer seems to care as much, and doesn’t even include search as a strategic target. Bing is at least pretending to care and doesn’t seem satisfied with a touch under 18% market shares. The “also ran” category in search continues to be a race to oblivion between AOL and ASK, both of whom slipped a little in July. If I’m honest, I don’t honestly remember the last time I knowingly used either product other than to check that they are still alive and kicking. Weirdly, search is so valuable that even having one whole percent (like AOL) is still worth a ton of money, so hanging for grim death to an apparently meaningless market share is still worth doing. Meantime, the Google parade continues as they maintain a firm market lead with no meaningful competition in site… as always, it’s good to be Google.

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