Google Goes Dallas

Amanda RosenbergIt’s probably fair to say that compared with many industries, Silicone Valley in general and Search in particular just doesn’t get the kind of tabloid attention lavished on others. We don’t typically bounce with joy on Oprah’s couch or get caught in Latin America with a mistress when we are supposed to be hiking the Appalachians. All in all, we are pretty dull. However the latest machination of one of our brightest and best has garnered the kind of attention more typically reserved for Scientologists or boy bands.

I speak of course of Sergei Brin, co-founder of Google, 40 year old, 25(ish) dollar Billionaire and all round Silicone Valley Poster boy and his lovely (presumably soon to be ex wife) Anne Wojcicki; who are according to everything D entering splits ville.  The Wojcickis are Silicone Valley royalty. It was in the actual garage of older sister Susan that Google was first established, and she went on to be (still) the most senior female employee at Google… running all things advertising.

Where it goes from a sad story (there are kids involved people! but apparently there was a pre-nup so this won’t shake the corporate control of Google) to soap opera is in the other cast members.

If reports are to be believed (and the Brit press is going nuts on this story… a fine example of Schadenfreude if ever I saw it) the new squeeze in Sergei’s life is a lovely 26 year old Google Glass marketing manager, Amanda Rosenberg (allegedly). At pretty much the exact same time that the lawyers hit the fan on the Brin breakup of the former boy friend of Rosenberg (also a top Android dog at Google), announced that he is leaving Google after five years to join Chinese smart phone manufacturer Xiaomi who has been lauded as the Apple of China. Xiaomi is a huge Android client so he’s staying in the family… so to speak.

In our real time media soaked world driven by the ubiquity of what used to be mostly private information, indexed and made available to all by Google, we perhaps shouldn’t be too surprised that the mighty at the mother ship themselves have fallen ironic prey to their own machine. But hey!… I wasn’t using my privacy rights anyway! When the music stops the person left holding the largest pile of Google stock is the winner.

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