Google+ Minus one Boss


It’s too easy to make Google+ much like the kid with bad breath who really wants to get into the cool kids dorm. The popular ding against it is that people go there to create a presence then never go back. The reason it gets any traction is simply put it’s a Google product and if you use many or most of the other parts of the Google empire you pretty much have to have a G+ presence. Google+ has grown rapidly (over 500 million “users” each month) but with the kind of growth that the IRS might claim when they say they “impressed and surprised” by how many people actually filled tax returns by April 15th…We have to do that why be surprised?  Having said that nothing says you have to go there and actually do very much.The majority of people who I know use it, use it as an automatic second or third post location after Facebook and Twitter.

So it was with no great surprise that I read today Google+’s current leader Vic Gundotra is stepping aside in favor or VP engineering David Besbris. Nobody is ever fired in these kind of situations, everyone is super grateful and supportive but I have to say from the outside this looks a lot like a sacking. What Google will do with its red headed step child is anybody’s guess. They have taken the horse to water and they have forced it to drink at least once for a little bit. The temptation from their well established greedy dark side might be to force the users of their other services to engage with it by making it the entry portal to GMail (I was joking …Google please don’t do that!). They could also risk corrupting  their search results by including opinions and reviews from people in your circles who have experience in what you are looking for. It’s an idea which not even Facebook has been able to make work yet but that has never stopped Google from trying in the past.

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