Google vs. Tiananmen Square


Way back in 2010 Google officially pulled out of China citing claims that it just couldn’t stand the constant harping and demands for from the Chinese government. It’s an emotion many of us in the divorced 50% of the population can sympathize with. You might think that would be that for Google and China but not so. The Chinese people have continued to adopt a plethora of Google tools and toys like GMail and Picasa….and of course search. Given that China has proved its self completely able to hack into pretty much anything or anywhere it wants to it makes you wonder why they continue to tolerate this leakage of information into China and what would happen if they really turned against it…now we know.

June 6th marks the 25th anniversary of that spectacular celebration of freedom and broad-mindedness also known as The Tienanmen Square Massacre. Each year around this time Chinese celebrates by playing an extra vigorous game of Whack a Mole with its people by shutting down as much access to the outside world as it can. In previous years they have done a pretty good job of it…this year on the 25th anniversary they have tried extra hard. What’s the result?…well if you use Google, Yahoo or any of their tools or toys you are pretty much out of luck, This time The Chinese government has used what they have learned in hacking into US companies to really stick it to their own people. The shut off is apparently close to 100%.

This points to a couple of things worth thinking about; first if anyone in China has access nowadays to information from the outside world it is apparently with the knowledge and tacit acceptance of the government…and second… they can take it away when ever they want to.

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