Would You Live in a 3D Printed House?


Researchers from the University of Southern California have invented a 3D printer that is able to build a 2500 square foot house within a day. It is believed that this new technology will transform the construction industry. This tool will enable to erect skyscrapers without the team of builders and equipment. Though, the industry is very much optimistic about the potential of 3D printers, until now it is mostly used to produce small-scale objects. Soon, the days when you have to wait for months for your new home to be ready will be in the past.

In such a scenario a question remains, are the 3D printers effective enough to create an entire house? There is nothing to be skeptical about the capacity of this futuristic tool. A Chinese company utilized 3D-printing technology to create 10 one story houses within a day and proved that 3D technology has ultimately succeeded. The houses are cheaper and can be constructed within few hours. The printer that is used to build the houses in Shanghai is 10 meters wide and 6.6 meters high. Mixtures of cement and construction wastes are the raw materials and walls of the houses are created in layers using these ingredients.

The method of construction not only decreases the time required to erect a building, it also means that the workers will be far less exposed to hazardous construction materials and working environment. Architects in Amsterdam are also using this latest technology to build a full-sized 3D-printed house. They are using a bio-plastic mix, which is industrial adhesive containing 75% plant oil and reinforced by microfibers.

This is may be only the beginning. Modern architects and designers are interested to put the process in test as 3D printing results in zero waste, reducing the transportation costs and that every piece used can be melted down and recycled- look for this to be the thing of the future revolutionizing of cities.

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