Google Search Giving Us a Heads-Up



As you probably know, Adobe Flash is not supported by iOS or Android 4.1 and higher. If you bring up one of those sites on your mobile phone, you will see a page with blank spaces and miss out of some of the main content that you were intended to see.  Google is developing their search interface to do away with these “common annoyances” for web browsers. They will now give you a warning in their search results before you waste your time (and data) with an Adobe Flash based website, rather than the HTML5 that is universally supported by everybody.

By using these tools, Google believes you can build a “responsive web design” and search-friendly sites.  And, of course, Google wants you to make sure that you do not block any ‘crawling of any Googlebot,’ as those files help Google with their algorithms and their sales of information.

The reason these mobile web searches are of such a concern is that many people believe, that mobile searches could actually surpass desktop queries this year.  There are about 2 billion PCs in the world and more than 5 billion mobile devices, so it is inevitable that mobile searching will eventually surpass the desktop as the main choice to search the web. Think of the importance this way; when you need a question answered immediately, what type of platform would you use? Most people would answer that with a mobile phone, or something other than a laptop or desktop computer.

Right now in the U.S. desktop inquiries far surpass mobile, however, in many developing countries, mobile has already surpassed the desktop.  While Google is not trying to oppose either search method, they want BOTH types of searches to benefit the user experience…and of course, their method of grabbing data to sell. That is after all, their main business.

The other side of the coin is that Google is trying to change their aesthetic look – there has been a big push, especially seen at Google I/O last month, to make its design a universal and unified look across all platforms.

Google claims they are not eliminating the non-flash websites from its search results, just giving us advanced knowledge about the site’s compatibility with your device. If that is guiding you away from those sites, then it can be corrected by changing the website design over to the more up-to-date HTML5 content.

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