A Chilling Effect

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We are getting used to thinking of the NSA as listening to our phone calls and reading our emails, and now apparently Google is checking stored attachments for kiddie porn.  However compared to the efforts of Russia and China our lords and masters are slipping up on the job.

Google told the Chinese where to put their strict regulations a few years back and Baidu has taken on the task of being a totalitarian friendly search engine and is making a killing doing that. China keeps a very firm handle on all kinds of political content and traditionally that control has extended to adult content in all of it’s myriad forms.Baidu has recently run foul of the censors by failing to prevent adult images from showing up in their results and being stored in their cloud storage product. Being the good dictator friendly search they are Baidu immediately got on the project deleting the content and shutting down user accounts.

The other dictator du jour Vladimir (The Terrible) Putin has been taking similar steps to keep their people in the dark. As of August 1st Search providers and other sensitive providers like bloggers and social media providers handling Russian traffic are being required to host their content on servers physically in Russia and store that data for six months. While it’s not quite yet as fierce a regimen as the Chinese have managed to establish this is a certainly scary step in the wrong direction.

The stories I heard trafficked by Russian “news” outlets about the recent Malaysia shootdown were both incredibly bizarre and widely circulated.  The old joke of “You cannot hope to bribe or twist, thank God the British Journalist. But seeing what the man will do unbribed there’s no occasion to…applies en masse to the entire Russian news media. That without the recent hosting restrictions.

The sad fact is that information is power and governments around the world of all political stripes have recognized that and are getting with the program of monitoring and restricting access to that information.

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