Google is Hackable?


The other day I was about to pay for my purchases at Target with my debit card and my hand waivered as I swiped the card….what if they get hacked again. It seems like every day we hear reports of some entity misplacing or mismanaging our data. there have been so many scares most of which don’t ever seem to amount to any real threat it feels like we are getting used to this digital ‘cry wolf’ situation….and in any event the really big guys like Amazon and Google never get hacked…right?

Yesterday was different. For a few hours yesterday morning Google Images lost it’s proverbial mind. No matter what you searched for most of the images returned were of a picture of a car crash some place in Russia. That has to mean one of two things…a monumental bug which redirected all image searches for every topic to one random image….or more likely and probably more sinister they were hacked…probably by Russian hackers.

Given their famously transparent approach it’s unlikely that Google will ever reveal what actually happened but it’s interesting to speculate. In a related area recent testing revealed that a bunch of tattooed boy wonders were able to hack Gmail on all mobile operating systems no less than 92% of the time. Great first the NSA now the Russians…is there anybody not reading our mail?

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