Google’s Best Effort to Thwart Piracy


Advertising giant Google has said it buries websites that help people illegally download copyrighted stuff.

Google claims it sinks pro-piracy sites way down its search results– beyond page two, the grim wastelands of the web. It has hoped this may dissuade people from seeking out pirated movies, games, TV and so on, until they discover torrenting or Netflix.

Google already tosses out links to pages from its results if it receives a takedown request from a copyright owner. Now it has tweaked its algorithms to lower a site’s placement in the rankings if its pages are routinely DMCA’d — perhaps if such sites take the hint, they’ll stop attracting bothersome takedown requests, the California company thinks.

Google now receives more copyright takedown requests in a single week than it did in the years 1998 to 2010 combined. The British Recorded Music Industry was the largest complainant last year, submitting 43.3 million takedown requests. Copyright group Degban was second, followed by the RIAA and MarkMonitor’s Antipiracy service.

While it works with copyright owners to keep pirated content off its services, the best way to stem the flow of piracy is to provide users with better streaming media and on-demand services.

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