The Irony of Apple Taking Some of the Surface Pro’s Thunder


If there is one thing that none of the world’s major tech brands would knowingly gun for, it is the same kind of non-success the Microsoft Surface tablets have met with. We are a full three rounds into the life of the Redmond hybrid tablet-type things and yet the world’s biggest consumer communities are still not entirely warming to the idea.

Some have blamed high prices, while others would say that replacing laptops with powerful tablet PCs doesn’t seem like the most logical thing to do. However, it seems that the Surface Pro’s market share pie is one that Apple would love a piece of.

Over the weekend, the tech press has been developing reports that Apple’s iPad Pro is a rumor that has substance. Headlines have tipped for a device with a screen measuring in at just over 12-inches and with a specially built keyboard case not much unlike to that of the Microsoft Surface Pro. Also, the primary target audiences of the iPad Pro are said to be corporate and educational clients, which again is pretty much the same as the Surface Pro.

Apple’s largest ever tablet will feature the highest specs in an iPad to date, a modified version of the brand’s OS X desktop system and generally all the bells and whistles you’d expect with a solid laptop…again, right on par with the Surface Pro.

However, what’s entirely unlikely to materialize with the iPad Pro is direct USB device support or any kind of expandable storage, which are of course largely ruled out of the picture for any standard iDevice. Should this be the case, it will be interesting to see how corporate crowds warm up to the iPad Pro, which even with a generous amount of storage space will still be somewhat stunted without removable storage media.

There’s really no denying the irony of the whole thing – the very thought of Apple trying to beat Microsoft at its own Surface game would have been quite laughable at one point. Still, there’s a clear and present gap in the iDevice market for something bigger and better than the iPad though ideally cheaper than the MacBook Pro – a gap the iPad Pro could stand to fill quite nicely.

Of course right now it’s all speculation for the time being as Apple is yet to utter a word on the subject. However, it will be interesting to see how Apple looks to take over a market that it seems to have a need to fill.

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