The Greatest Idea of All Time


This post has nothing to do with our industry or the almighty Google, I just wanted to share this discovery. I love podcasts…it’s a good chunk of all the entertainment I consume. The other day I stumbled across “The Worst Idea of All Time” and my world was rocked. The premise is simple and insanely brilliant. Each Monday two young New Zealand based comedians gather to watch and review the appalling Adam Sandler movie Grownups 2…each week for a year!

I truly can’t stand Adam Sandler, I loathe everything about him and all of his films (OK Punch Drunk Love was alright and Happy Gilmore was fairly watchable…but anyway). I would rather do almost anything else than watch any of his movies especially one as famously vacant as this one. So the concept of voluntarily subjecting myself to watch and review this piece of garbage every week is in of itself a surreal idea….but these guys are doing it and it’s amazing.

Part comedy act, part social experiment, part hostage crisis each week they trudge through the mire of this movie like WWI soldiers; half blinded by gas and driven mostly insane by the constant shell fire. Part of me wants to ask them to stop for the love of all that is human Stop The Madness!…and part of me is wildly entertained. The idea is a train-wreck of monumental proportions, it shouldn’t work…but it does. It’s consistently very funny in the way that Sandler movies aren’t.

I came across this brilliant record of what almost amounts to a crime against humanity about 40 episodes in and I have been binge listening ever since trying to catch up so I can share the horror of their efforts in real time. It’s more addicting that “Serial” and funnier than anything else I know of right now. I thoroughly recommend to all of you to try out this comedic form of performance art, you will not be disappointed.

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