20:20 Hindsight


As an amateur prognosticator I get to call ahead on all kinds of things…yesterday I hit two in one. Back on January 23rd I suggested that Google was about to announce as a mobile phone service provider and Tada! at the big mobile event in Barcelona this week that came to pass.  Beyond the fact that anything Google does could be important, the interesting nuance about this story is that Google is talking about being more than just another carrier…offering calling over cell and WiFi and Bluetooth…an altogether more integrated thing than just another carrier.

The other thing I hit right on the nose was much less edifying. I have been ranting on and on about police on African American violence and the need for wearable tech to muzzle our out of control police forces. On December 5th last year I lamented the dual standard for the police and the unarmed and or mentally ill people of color they routinely kill in close to cold blood.  This week a group of LA’s “finest” (An oxymoron if ever there was one) tussled with and killed a homeless person of mental illness and color …again filmed by passers by. Yesterday the federal investigation into the Ferguson shooting confirmed (what we all I think suspected) that the police in that jurisdiction were insanely even comically racist in the way they applied the rules to the black residents they “protect and serve.” At the risk of sounding smug back then I railed “This isn’t a tech problem, it’s not “a black problem” it’s an American problem. We have armed the guys who couldn’t get the grades to go to college with sophisticated weapons, given them impunity and “hero” status. They aren’t, they are, in many cases, blue collar guys with way to much power an institutional disregard for our civil rights and a cultural contempt for certain parts of our society”.

I take little satisfaction in either case…the Google story was in the zeitgeist and …well if you live in the same culture I do the police thing won’t be a surprise to you either. Happy March BTW.

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