Google Finds Interstitial Advertising is Just Annoying


How many times have you been browsing the internet, and see that annoying popup from the website asking you to install its app? Google has published the result of a recent study they performed, saying it found nearly 69% of visitors served with an interstitial (the popup for those who don’t know) for its Google+ social service abandoned the page entirely – neither downloading the app, nor going on to visit the mobile website – attributing this to the added friction of serving mobile users with an interstitial. Usually there is a large button to get the app and a small link to allow you to continue to the mobile site.

9% of the visits to the interstitial page resulted in the “Get App” button being pressed. But some percentages of users have already installed the app or gone through the entire course of the app store download. That means not only didn’t they go to the app store, but they didn’t even continue on to the mobile site.

Mobile web users are often irritated by the interstitial ad that often pops up to promote the website’s native app. However this week Google has eliminated its ads and did a big favor to users. The Google Plus iOS native app installs only experienced a 2% drop. Maybe this might be a precursor to other websites dropping their interstitial, allowing for a seamless transition to the page you actually want to visit.

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