Google Loses Control of Its Own Web Domain


Google has been going through a lot of shaking up lately. Big changes within the company are taking place with a new parent company being established and for a moment almost lost control of its own Web domain.

A former employee managed to buy the URL through (ironically) Google Domains for $12. And while the glory of owning the world’s most-visited website may have lasted only a moment, it seems many people will benefit from the mishap.

Sanmay Ved said he looking at different Google Domains and discovered that was available for purchase. Naturally, he bought it.

However, it didn’t last long: The purchase was almost immediately followed by a cancellation email from Google Domains. About a week later, Ved was contacted by Google Security, which offered a reward. Instead of taking the reward, he asked that the money be donated to the Art of Living India Foundation charity. Google agreed, and even doubled the reward for the Art of Living’s education program, which runs 404 free schools across 18 states in India.

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