Be Comfortable at Work with the Altwork Station


Maybe you slouch in your chair. Maybe you have tried to make using a standing desk a habit. Maybe, your preferred working position is curled up on a sofa. The California startup Altwork has what may be the solution: the Altwork Station.

While adjustable sit/stand desks have been done before, the Altwork Station takes things to the next level: it’s an integrated workstation combining seat, desk, and monitor stand, and it’s all electrically controlled to support not just sitting and standing but also a horizontal position: you lie back with your monitor or monitors above you. The keyboard and mouse stay affixed to your desk through the magical power of magnets.

At the push of a button, the desk can tweak the position of everything or fully shift back into sitting or standing. As the back moves, the monitor moves with your eyes, the desk moves with your hands, and the back headrest shifts slightly in or out to best support your head.

It’s available now to pre-order for a still-steep discounted price of $3,900, but once that promotional price period is over, the Altwork Station will increase to an eye-popping $5,900. The company says its trying to price things in the same realm as a really high-quality mechanically adjustable desk alongside a similarly excellent chair and a monitor arm, but no matter how you slice it that’s a lot of cash.

Ultimately, it’s a product that’s hard to recommend to most normal people, but it’s also a fascinating engineering study. It’ll be interesting to see if Altwork can find an audience with this product — and if it does, hopefully it can bring some of this technology to more people at a lower price point down the line.

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