Respond Quickly to E-mail Using Smart Replies


Not every e-mail that you get in your inbox deserves a well thought out reply, which is why Google is using the power of machine learning to make email triage a little bit faster.

Google announced the new “Smart Replies” feature for its Inbox email client, which gives users of its service up to three quick options to send back in reply to emails based on a machine learning analysis of the message’s content. People can use the short replies as either a way to quickly respond, or a way to start a longer message. This could prove to be especially useful for mobile users who would rather reply with a quick response, rather than type out a whole e-mail on their phone. This is the latest example of Google’s effort to teach machines how to take over some of the tasks typically handled by humans.

The new feature is available to all consumers who use the free version of Inbox, as well as the more than 2 million businesses who pay for Google’s suite of applications designed for work.

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